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Bhoomi Mitra (GR)
bhoomi mitra

All the major nutrient elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, with the micro-nutrient potash is available in organic form.


  • Bhoomi Mitra is helpful in acute opted and increasing the amount of chlorophyll for good health of plants.
  • Bhoomi Mitra is helpful in Root and stem growth is extremely.
  • Bhoomi Mitra increased the resistance power of plant disease with the growth of useful bacteria in soil.
  • Bhoomi Mitra is powder form. It is easy to use in farm. Plants are easily absorbing this powder.
  • Bhoomi Mitra increases the power of land and fertilizer.


Structure Moisture 15% - 25%
P.S.B. Bulk Density 0.7 – 0.9 gms./cm3
Maicorayza Total Organic Carbon PH 18% Min.
Rhizobium Total-Nitrogen (as N) 1.0% Min.
Ajospirilum Total Phosphate (as P2O5) 0.8% Min.
Ajotovector Total Potassium (as K2O) 0.8% Min.
Natural mold killer Cadmium (as Cd) 5.0 mg./Kg.Max
Cadmium (as Cr) 50 mg./Kg. Max
Vermicompost Nikel (as Ni) 50 mg./Kg. Max
Organic Manior Lead (as Pb) 100 mg./Kg. Max


Benefits of Bhoomi Mitra

  • Bhoomi Mitra is helpful in reducing crop-borne and soil diseases.
  • Bhoomi Mitra is helpful in reducing bad results and also reduce the amount of chemicals.
  • By helps of Bhoomi Mitra reduce the effects of alkaline soil and alkaline water.
  • The Bhoomi Mitra is helpful in providing long-term nutrient in crops.
  • The helps of Bhoomi Mitra increase product size, weight, brightness and taste.
  • Bhoomi Mitra helps Crop maturation on the time period.
  • Bhoomi Mitra is useful to increase the number of bacteria in soil and soil-born fungi.

Recommended Crop

Wheat, Rice, Norma, Cotton, Sugarcane, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Peanuts, Mustard, Soyabean, Castor, Chickpea, Jwhar, Chilly, Tomatoes, Kinnow, Pomegranate, Amrood, Bananas, Fruits and vegetables etc

The amount of recommendations: Bhoomi Mitra 30 kg/acre.


  • Keep in the shade and moisture-free place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and nutrition products.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in conjunction with Bhoomi Mitra.
  • Bhoomi Mitra is the chemical free. Its not harmful to crops and soil.
  • Use methods recommended by the company to take more advantage in crop.
  • Get Better result of Bhoomi Mitra to use with wet dung manure.

Bhoomi Mitra (GR) - Max. Retail Price: Rs. 1249/-
Net Contents: 30 Kg.

Bhoomi Mitra - Max. Retail Price: Rs. 830/-
Net Contents: 30 Kg.

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