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Kisan Mitra
kisan mitra

Granulated Bio Extract Organic Product


  • Kisan Mitra is granulated bio-extract organic manure for the soil application on all crops. It gradually reduces dependence on chemical fertilizers and brings depleted, exhausted soils to productive state once again.
  • Kisan Mitra has been extracted from natural sources of vegetable (seaweed) origin and contains hydrolyzed protein complexes and enzymes as active components. It also contains plant growth materials like auxigns, gibberlines and cytokinins. It has both macro [nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium] and micro [Mn, Zn, Cu & Fe] nutrients in organic form.
  • Kisan Mitra increases the natural activity of soil microbes and maintains the humus in the soil which is essential to maintain the health of the soil. Soil rich in humus provides a store house of essential plant nutrients and it helps make some nutrients more soluble and available to plants. So it is essential that humus in sufficient quantity is present in every type of soil.


Individual Viable counts in Liauid based CFU minimum in a mixture of any 2 or more of following microorganisms:
CFU minimum Rhizobium or Azotobacter or Azospirillum 1x10^8 per ml
CFU minimum PSB 1x10^7 per ml
CFU minimum KSB 1x10^7 per ml
Total viable count of all the biofertilizer organisms in the product CFU minimum: 5x10^8 cells per ml of liquid based
Contamination No contamination at any dilution
pH 5.5 to 7.5


Benefits of Kisan Mitra

The nutrients will become more readily available to the plants when needed through the process of biological transmutation, thus the use of nitrogen can be reduced.

  • The soil will become mellower, with better water penetration and retention. This reduces erosion problems, as well as reducing irrigation cost.
  • The cation exchange capacity is increased.
  • Healthy earthworm population will be re-established in the soil once again in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • The soil will have less clods and will be easier to cultivate.
  • The plants produce better quality fruit with better shelf life.
  • The trace elements present in the max crystals are in naturally chelated form and are readily available to plant.
  • The greater advantages of Kisan Mitra is that it equally performs in both modern agriculture (with extensive usage of chem-synthetic inputs) and 100% organic farming, when supplemented to crops and plantations along with other standard practices as essential inputs.
  • Kisan Mitra is eco-friendly, universally applicable and absolutely safe, leaves no residue traces in the harvest produce.
  • Kisan Mitra is highly appreciated by both the farmers and scholars of agriculture for its amazing and sustainable results.

Recommended Crop

Useful for all types of Cereal Crops, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Tea etc.

The amount of recommendations: Kishan Mitra 10 Kg/acre.


Kisan Mitra decreases dependence of crops on chemical fertilizers. It also reduces the excessive usage of chemical fertilizers on all the crops which reduces the fertility of the soil.

Kisan Mitra induces changes in soil structure, it improves the availability of nutrients in the soil, firstly the root structure will improve, nitrogen nodules will begin forming even where they never occurred before and then changes occur in the plant itself. It also restores the fertility of the soil weakened in the areas in which crop rotation by farmers is not in practice.


  • Keep in the shade and moisture-free place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and nutrition products.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in conjunction with Bhoomi Mitra.
  • Kisan Mitra is the chemical free. Its not harmful to crops and soil.
  • Use methods recommended by the company to take more advantage in crop.

Max. Retail Price: Rs. 799/-
Net Contents: 10 Kg.

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